Having a well designed and maintained instrument is absolutely crucial to proper musical development. Each note needs to play clearly and in tune with minimum effort. It is disheartening, especially when learning, to play on an instrument that leaks.
The tables below give an idea of the work carried out and the cost. It is sometimes difficult to quote precisely without seeing the instrument or it may just need a "tweak" which can often be done while you wait. If you bring your instrument into the workshop I can advise on any work it needs and tailor it to your budget.

  • Basic service: £45
  • Full service: from £75
  • Re-pad: from £180
  • Overhaul: POA
I use quality pads made by L.Pisoni Standard and cork

ProcessBasic ServiceFull ServiceRepadOverhaul
Dismantle the instrument
Check Tone holes for damage
Check for loose pillars
Check and re-tension springs
Replace springs as required (up to 2 on full service) 
Remove old pads and clean old glue 
Clean Keys & body
Remove and clean octave inserts 
Oil bore (wooden instruments) 
Replace worn tenon corks  
Clean hinge tubes & oil
Check rods and hinge tubes for bends, correct
Replace all key corks   
Replace corks as required 
Clean pads  
Replace all pads, fix with shellac  
Replace 2 pads (extras charged individually)    
Seat pads, check pads
Swedge key-work and countersink point screws to remove wear   
Regulate keywork and adjust height of action
Final test
Clean case 
Clean and sterilise mouthpiece 

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